Monday, May 05, 2014

Chelsea Fetish

Molly Herman at the Painting Center

Stacked marks, compiled on burlap and other textured surfaces

Detail of first painting

Layers upon layers

Seemingly simple, ...

and not. Paint crossing surfaces.

Ida Ekblad at Greene Naftali

"A technogenesis of the in-human, the non-human, the post-human."

"A wash that is more like a burnout." Born Oslo, Norway, 1980. Also makes weird, Greer Lankton-esque sculpture.

Roy Dowell at Lennon, Weinberg

Transparency appears like light in the middle of dense, American Indian-influenced patterns

He works from collages and is known for these, but in this show, branches out into sculptural objects and paintings

The green on this is a deep, emerald green, not possible to capture

Close view

Dowell was one of my teachers at Otis/Parsons (undergraduate). It is wonderful to see his work.

Ann Shostrom at Elizabeth Harris

Photo of this in entirety did not load, so detail of what looks like an overskirt and petticoat beneath

Foundations in abstract painting and 1960s garb, such as "Cher pants"--anyone remember those?

A Utopian, craft-based, hippy aesthetic infiltrates modernist ideals

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