Saturday, July 14, 2018

What's Doing at the MTA

Stephan Westfall, 30th Avenue N/W (Ditmars) Line
Perasma I & II; Dappleganger, 2018
Laminated glass 
Ditmars Line, 30th St. station, Looking East
It's great to see the MTA roll out new, laminated glass windows in the boroughs--these are 'curtain windows'--by many good artists.
Outside the station - East side. Link to MTA page here: MTA Link

Here's the Gothamist backstory: The Gothamist LInk

At 36th, Maureen McQuillan's luminescent windows.
Entering West side of 36th St. Station.
Close view of the curtain windows, created by McQuillan with Depp Glass (ditto Westfall). The installation is titled,  Crystal Blue Persuasion. Link to McQuillans' MTA page here: MTA Link

 These projects help make NY great. It's inspiring to see art embedded in the urban infrastructure.
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