Friday, March 06, 2020

Words Cannot Say: New and Recently Closed Exhibitions

Allison Schulnick, from her solo exhibition Hatch at PPOW. Gallery Link 

Dan Walsh at Paula Cooper. Link

Tom McGlynn, back room pink painting, front room solo, At Present, Rick Wester Fine Art. Gallery Link 

Philip Pearlstein, Nudes and Other Landscapes, at Betty Cunningham. Gallery Link

Daniel Rios Rodriguez at Nicelle Beuchene. Gallery Link

Danielle Orchard at Jack Hanley. Gallery Link

Michelle Segre and Julia Bland at Derek Eller . Gallery Link

Julia Bland
Heidi Hahn's solo Folded Venus/Pomaded Sweater at Nathalie Karg. Gallery Link

Jane South at Spencer Brownstone. Gallery Link

Ellen Berkenblit at Anton Kern.Gallery Link

Upstairs, Nicole Eisenman in collaboration with Dieu Donne in Incelesbian. Gallery Link 

Heidi Johnson at 527 Madison Lobby Gallery. Gallery Link

Salvo at Gladstone 64. Gallery Link


Vmate said...
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Ipainter said...

Nice. I particularly liked Nicole Adames' A Presumed Mind