Saturday, March 14, 2020

Last Run Before Close

Kyle Staver's American Woman at Galerie Zurcher.
I love this painting so much I stare it at all the time. Kyle Staver at Galerie Zurcher, opened this week. Site has not posted images as of this writing. See more as you scroll down.
Staver makes drawings, dimensional ceramic studies, and small versions for large narrative oil paintings that update female mythology from a feminist perspective. Will update link as information comes clear. Go see the show. It's fabulous.

Gelah Penn, Mistress of Grey, in Uneasy Terms, her solo at Undercurrent Gallery  Link
The conceit for the show are visual 'letters' comprised of discarded exhibition announcements, clarifying Penn's penchant for upcycling fragments of discarded materials.

Combining images of her new studio in Connecticut with the materials via stapling, grommeting and sewing shows increasing affinity with work by another New York mid-career artist, Elana Herzog.
Semi-transparent fragments of mylar,

Trash bags,

and the cards unfurl across a Gunsmoke-painted wall.

Large, pieced figures flank the room.

The materials are so common and simple, but the effect is magical.
Jude Tallichet's miraculous, life-size casting of a fire escape is brilliant. See her show Heat Map at Smack Mellon, with beautiful video by Summer McCorkle in back. Gallery Link
Jodie Manisavet at Cathouse Proper. My very favorite snow painting by her. Gallery Link
(Cathouse Proper is the current incarnation of Cornell graduate David Dixon's collaborative Cathouse FUNeral.)
Pastel drawings by Manasevit. 

Two oil paintings. Mind the exhibition title, "What More to Say Than to See."
The yellow in this is more of a cadmium yellow dark, with orange hue. Try as I might, I couldn't get it. 
Melanie Vote in her solo The Washhouse: Nothing Ever Happened Here, at Equity Gallery. Gallery Link
The painter places trompe l'oeil works in combination on the scale of a building.

The show pays tribute to a Carl Sandburg poem, Grass, which speculates on the history of place--what happened in seemingly innocuous spaces, now abandoned but once rich with incident.
Bringing us to our landscape now. Cherish this world.

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