Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Consciousness Painter

This appraisal of my earlier work by Stephanie Lee Jackson (linked above) suggests the devolving role of form in my work.


CA said...

I am wondering if the devolving role of form, specifically the doll form from years past, is directly attributed to having worked past childhood issues and having moved on to maturity - i.e. less obsession with oneself and more with one's surroundings? The current work is powerful, full of a freedom not seen in the earlier genre - which engages the viewer, leaving him wanting more.

Well done.

ec said...

CA, I agree that life cycles are a part of devolving form--as are parallel cycles in the landscape such as explosions, 'spills,' international travel, and then larger social impacts of politics. Also Chinese philosophy, Taoism and Buddhism. It's all a part of it--thank you for your words.