Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On View at the Kunstmuseum Bonn: David Reed, Heart of Glass

"I'm an artist who tries to put it all together."
Quotes from Kunstmuseum Interview (linked below images)

"The light is internal" (but also artificial, like a television monitor)

"How do we stay human within this kind of media light?"

Reed embraces Don Judd as well as Guston: "I want painters before me and after me."

Drawings provide the conduit between landscape and gesture

"Light as a container for the fluidity of emotion..."
(See "Liquid Rubens" on www.davidreedstudio.com/)

"The surfaces are cool but they're all about emotion."

Full view: "painting offers a way to stay human in this world."
His gesture: animate, caught for a moment

"We don't even know what painting will become," in that it has the capacity to humanize media in the way it humanized religion."

Early landscapes

Two verticals with color studies that serve as both templates and keys to the paintings

David Reed, painter and spokesman for all that painting can be, has a major retrospective at the Kunstmuseum Bonn. Visit the link below for a wonderful interview with Reed, from which many of the captions were taken. Reed's work, scholarship and (in his words) humanity, offers hope for painting's continued aesthetic and critical role and vitality, as is evidenced in these images. Check out the top painting, so close to Monet's late panel paintings at L'Orangerie and Marmatton Monet, though Reed loves the Italian Baroque.

Link to Heart of Glass and taped interview from which the above quotes were taken

Link to David Rhode's review of Reed's Heart of Glass at artcritical

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