Saturday, February 16, 2013

From Color Field to Figure: a Friday in Chelsea

Kenneth Noland at an amazing group show on 10th Avenue at Kasmin.

Helen Frankenthaler. Working her stain technique with new-at-the-time acrylic.

Frank Stella. Sumptious, subtle color passages.

Frankenthaler at Kasmin.

Julies Olitski: "paint suspended in air," his vision realized by airbrush.

Morris Louis. The late pour paintings--made in a small apartment. Almost like Chinese painting.

Morris Louis again--at Kasmin.

Detail, Louis, left side.

Translucent detail, upper Louis, right side.

Larry Poons at Lauretta Howard/Danese. Look at those pours upper left! Dynamic marks balance throughout.

What an amazing group of paintings! Poons, following his own path.

A fractured mark reminiscent of Cecily Brown, but pastoral landscape as well.

One feels weather, temperature, density--yet there is no overt image.

Poons works on top of pours, to ravishing effect.

Transition: Shinique Smith at James Cohan: light brushy paintings, almost like drawings, with hanging laundry sculptures.

Charlie Roberts at Kravets Wheby.

Crazy moves but they fall together in a way that feels real.

Lower left corner a ravishing compilation of marks and form.

Peter Williams at Foxy Production. This, a limpid, gorgeous painting--the surface is lovely.

More Williams, opaque and transparent mixing with inventive, almost Imagist shapes.

A new delicacy of touch in Williams.

Taking the biomorphic shapes up front into small, private ruminations in the back room of Foxy Production.

Color miracle--180 from Color Field, yet a spareness and restraint reminiscent of that time.
It was a beautiful day. More images to come.

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