Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Juicy Paint

Brett Baker at Elizabeth Harris: DETAIL of his work's thick, striated surfaces and surprising color shifts

Missed his recent show but two paintings hung by the desk at the gallery.
The red one was equally beautiful with hints of copper, but iPhone couldn't pick it up.

Josette Urso at Kathryn Markell, a joyous exhibition. Urso's beautiful view in her Bushwick loft inspires her surprising tonal shifts and plays of the brush. I enjoyed the strange, cool color of this painting.
See another Urso if you scroll down.

Peter Wayne Lewis, who divides his time between northeast US and Beijing, in the 2012 Beijing Biennial.

The real thing at Skoto, also on 20th St. Skoto was a find: it features Jamaican artists' work.
The vibe was Salon-like, with conversations blooming in all directions, which is why I didn't photograph more.
Lewis works large, sometimes serially and there are also some lovely watercolors in back.

Inspired by and erudite in jazz, Lewis' marks suggest Chinese ink painting.

What in Chinese calligraphy is referred to as a "crossover"--
the brush jumps over paper to get to the other side of a mark, Lewis achieves with a scraper, it looks like.

Cora Cohen at Guided by Invoices, at the corner of 21st and 11th. What an absolutely gorgeous show.
iPhone photos can't do justice to the subtle, swiped surfaces and layers of graphite and oil.

Josette Urso at Markel: a buoyant snow painting with odd, checkered lozenge shape.

Preview of Jennifer Wynne Reeves at BravinLee Programs, a quirky, intimate and beautiful show.

Cora Cohen: ruddy painting, with gold and copper notes.

Jennifer Wynne Reeves: relishing material.

Fearless navigator of all things visceral.

And again.

She's been working on these paper pieces for a while.

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