Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Philip Pearlstein at St. Petersburg Fine Art Museum, FL

Philip Pearlstein's survey exhibition: an especially wonderful insight into the life of one painter in an intimate and unexpected venue, the Museum of Fine Art, St. Petersburg, FL.
Link to article by Lennie Bennett in the Tampa Bay Times: Things To Do: Philip Pearlstein

One of the Pearlsteins. The gallery's main room had a breathtaking wall, this one of three on same.

Pearlstein's compositional ambition reverberated throughout the room, echoing history painting from the past.

Above: Ingres, Poussin
Pearlstein's flatfooted approach unleashes a passionate temperament for composition. In painting after painting, he documents the stillness within the studio-cavern, laid bare by raking light and panoramic views. Pearlstein's innate feeling for rotation imbues the space with unexpected arabesques, twists and turns giving 'push and pull' new vibrancy.

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