Thursday, August 29, 2013

Travel Slide Show II: Wupatki National Monument Residency

Approaching Great Falls on Navajo land, one hour's drive from Wuptaki National Monument where I spent 8 days in July.

Mud flows through lava formations

...into the Little Colorado, surprisingly full for the summer months. San Francisco Peaks beyond

Overview of the stepped falls into space, as far as the eye can see

Mesas loom, seemingly from nowhere...

View from the Visitor's Center. 

Daily light show, 5 am
Asked about the day one could say, "the earth turned." Near Citadel and Lomaki ruins.

Rock piles at Wukoki.

Near Wukoki, an old dirt road to the Little Colorado.
Passing through the forest near Sunset Crater Volcano's lava flows

Cinder cone

A Brooklyn sunrise, after 37 days in the desert.

A Florida sunset

Wupatki, the largest trade center in the area was built after the 1100 Sunset Volcano eruption.By 1250 its inhabitants had moved on, yet rocks on the pueblo collect water, and plants grow in the volcanic cinders even now. Read, and view more here: Wupatki National Monument: NPS Link


ellenm said...

Pretty fantastic collection of photos.

ec said...

There are many more! and if I can figure out how to upload iPhone movies, I shall. It is a truly amazing place, and offers 8-mile hikes in April and October each year to view Indian petroglyphs.