Thursday, May 01, 2014

LES Runabout, Part I: Nick Ghiz and Louise Dudis

Respite from a rainy day: the mise-en-scenes of Nick Ghiz

A painting that starts in a back bend ends up as a new acrobatic feat.

Passengers and observers populate this Flemish-inspired world.

Brand new painting balancing cool purple lights on a warm expanse--a complemtary study

Ghiz's brushes, including an absolutely incredible one near the top, and paint. Though his paintings look like egg tempera, the paint is acrylic.

Painting in progress, surrounded by earlier sculpture and paintings with a lower-key palette, illuminated by the cool Northern light of an intensely rainy day.

In the living room, a study of bark, seen close to, by Louise Dudis. The photographs create a stuttering effect that is quite beautiful.

These close-to views of bark are taken in the country, upstate.

And were shown with Robert Henry Contemporary in March, 2013 (Eye Level With the Smallest Leaf)

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