Monday, June 23, 2014

Jennifer Wynne Reeves

Artist Jennifer Wynne Reeves passed away two days ago. She was and will remain a painter of passionate truth, who leaves a legacy of paintings and writings treasured by many.

Sharon Butler posts on Two Coats of Paint in honor of Jennifer. The link is here:
Two Coats of Paint: Jennifer Wynne Reeves Prayer for Art, June 2014

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I first met Jennifer on a collaborative project artist Adelheid Mers and I organized in Soho just after 9/11/2001, at 450 Broadway. Twelve artists were invited for a two-week project in which each artist took over the gallery for a day in response to what came before. Jennifer participated as a guest of Eung Ho Park (I believe), and wrote a Picasso quote on the wall about facing the horror of the empty space after war. We reconnected after her excellent 2009 exhibition at Galeria Ramis Barquet for dinner and studio visits and discussed our shared knowledge of Christian Science. She told me about how she moved from Illinois to New York. She was generous in the studio and equally so in life.

She urged me to try thick paint, which I did. Transporting the painting one summer, the rental truck was hit, and the painting spent some hours on a blistering sidewalk. The thick paint began to fall off and was left in a superstore parking lot, somewhere south of New York.

I will post a picture and an essay in a subsequent edit of this post.

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