Thursday, December 24, 2015

Miami after Basel: Fancy Nasty, Rubell Collection, Ann Craven, Ezra Johnson

The painted-over kitchen in Fancy Nasty--like visiting your grandparents' house in a strange dream

About Fancy Nasty:
For Art Basel 2015, a renegade crew of multi-disciplinary artists have taken control of a huge, soon-to-be-demolished home in an affluent neighborhood in the heart of Miami's art scene. Knowing the whole thing will be bulldozed soon after, each artist assaulted the space with the unfettered swagger that typifies a city known as much for raunch as it is for glamour. Miami is almost unrecognizable from just a few years ago. And the Miami you visit today, like the venue for this exhibition, will be gone by the time you return.

Artists: Stuart Sheldon, Michael Loveland, Brandon Opalka, Randy Burman, Hoxxoh, KEMO/MSG, Benji Cospolite, Andrea Nhuch, Lori Nozick, Gary Feinberg, Karen Starosta-Gilinski, Wyatt Gallery, Tamar Zohara Ettun, Lee-Joon Youn ... and featuring Strawberrita Dreams with Autumn Casey, Jesse Laino, Kelly Breez, Bootsie Castillo, Kyle Chapman, Makane, Annabell Penelope Lee, Renata Rojo, KC Toimil.

Fancy Nasty is brought to you by Build Crew, a nonprofit dedicated to helping artists build, install and place public art. In collaboration with Primary Projects, Your Fountainhead and Spoke, presenting artists NOVE, t_w_o_o_n_e, Mina Hamada, Zosen and Gustavo Amaral. 

The stinky frig with a message to Basel

Reminds me of shows from the 1980s in downtown LA

The pool from afar

RH Quaytman at Rubell Collection's No Man's Land

Amalia Saban

Mary Weatherford, 2015

Karin Davie, 1990s

Suzanne McClelland, early, 1991 or 1992



Detail - lovely charcoal on raw canvas

Jennifer Guidi, whose show at Nathalie Karg just closed 

The hand-made marks are spellbinding over a large expanse

Cady Noland

Hayv Kahraman

Lucy Dodd


Detail of the flowers

More flowers: Dana Schutz, detail

Ann Craven's moon paintings at Gallery Diet

Ezra Johnson's billboard paintings at Mindy Solomon

E Johnson: exuberant scraps

Ezra Johnson, continued...

Happy holidays everyone~

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