Thursday, June 08, 2017

Florine Stettheimer at the Jewish Museum, Celeste DuPuy-Spencer at Whitney Biennial, Thomas Trosch at Fredericks/Freiser

Pure spirit: My Favorite Things by Florine Stettheimer

Costume designs
And bas-relief come as a surprise

Sculpture, too

A world of repose, ephemera, temperature knifed in as if to concretize a moment. Tinted colors slip over our eyes. 
Celeste DuPuy-Spencer at the Whitney: wallpaper that assumes the characteristics of the objects in the room around it
And exciting, mashed-up, reckless and beautiful watercolors
That commemorate moments in life yet also create new structures.
Thomas Trosch, reviewed by Barry Schwabsky in the Summer Artforum. A show of old and new works, recounting the artist's life in the studio and with collectors.
Often considered in homage to Stettheimer's society paintings, Trosch expands on the traditions of palette knife painting.
Bas-relief, heaped up and exciting: a world of material.
A Troschian Red Studio

These autobiographical paintings remind me of Todd Bienvenu's paintings though the latter's are more graphic; there is also a sumptuous Matisse feeling. 
These old ones really knocked me out, the careful script and mashed-together forms.
Wow. Like Kerry James Marshall, too. What a knockout!
That said, I love the old and new together--to see where Trosch has gone. What a great show. Such good work out there right now.

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