Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Syd Solomon at St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art, January 2019 - and a Judy Pfaff or Two

Polymer tempera, various inks, oils, and a lactic caseing sealant. Rough edges bring unpredictability. 

Solomon moved to Sarasota in 1946, and began commuting between FL and East Hampton in the 50s. He exhibited frequently in the 1960s and brought Conrad Marca-Reilli and James Brooks to Sarasota, where he founded the Institute of Fine Art at Sarasota's avant-garde New College.
Judy Pfaff at St. Petersburg--a big, beautiful, cutout work on paper. Will contrast with images from her current show.

Judy Pfaff's current wall works at Miles McEnery. Moments of detail hugely exciting, particularly when paper.  Volume, space and material pose compelling questions in the combination of industrial and crafted materials: how are we used to seeing what we see, and how does it translate from one modality to another?

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