Sunday, March 10, 2019

Speaking of Messages: Margrit Lewczuk, Lee Mullican, Nancy Graves

Margrit Lewczuk's Angels at New York Studio School (now closed, but what a show!) Gallery Link 
In a second room of the gallery each painting has a dual existence: under light, as elegant inverted shapes; when the lights go out on a timer, secondary incarnations as living beings.

Lee Mullican at James Cohan 26th St., the California visionary whose painstaking, brush outlining technique and metaphysical merger of nature, pre-history and spirituality feel just right. Gallery Link

Nancy Graves in a tour-de-force exhibition at Mitchell-Inness and Nash, focusing on work based on mapping around the time the US landed on the moon. Gallery Link

Discussion around these works involves space, time, distance, the conflation of imagery and mark; the painter knows that deep time is accessed in the act of painting.

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