Thursday, May 16, 2019

Beautiful Joan

Joan Mitchell's I Carry My Landscapes With Me at Zwirner, 525 W 19th St., through June 22nd. Gallery Link
Minnesota, 1980, 102 x 244 inches (give or take--lopped off small percentages on all sizes herein)

La Seine, 1967 (Collection Empire State Plaza Collection, New York, State, Office of General Services)

Sunflowers, 1990-1991, 110 x 157 inches

Edrita Fried, 1981, 116 x 299 inches
Untitled, 1992, 102 x 157 inches 

Row Row, 1982, 110 x 157 inches

In the back room, some beautiful ink drawings

And beyond the gallery walls, the surreality of a changing landscape before one's eyes. Would Joan have lived in Chelsea, on the water, as she did growing up in Chicago?

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