Sunday, October 27, 2019

Victorian Mood Board - Museum of Fine Art, Boston

Hyman Bloom - Matters of Life and Death at the MFA. Museum Link
and permanent collection. 
Vertical compositions and flat surrounds are the best part about these paintings.

He gets down with the material, but believes embellishment exposes reality,
when sometimes it just gets fussy. 


Lovely, stiff bodies held in blankets evermore.
The charcoals!
Another wonderful corpse.
Never saw this Grace Hartigan before (permanent collection). What a knockout!
A lovely bas relief in the corridor by Henri Gaudier-Brzeska (French, 1891-1915),
whose love for African, Oceanic art and ancient Greek sculpture is here in his wrestlers.
The great Alice Neel portrait of Linda Nochlin and her daughter.
A tropical touch for a long rest ahead. 

Victorian sleep cure
Youth, soft as a petal, by John Singer Sargent

Detail from another Sargent

Giacometti portrait of his brother, Diego, the finest I have seen
Pollock mural painting - so wonderful and timely even now
Gaugin, Where Have We Been, Where are We Going?

Sylvia Sleigh's fine portrait. She is so overlooked, even today.
The great Chardin

Chardin, as dramatic as any calligrapher

Mrs. Cezanne
Manet's small portrait of Victorine Meurent

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