Friday, January 31, 2020

Brooklyn's Bumpin': Platform, Smack Mellon, Main Window DUMBO, Minus Space

Laura Battle's ledger drawings at Platform Space, 20 Jay St. No. 319 Fridays-Saturdays 1 - 6.
Curated by Elena Sisto. Gallery Link
Loved this show. Fine pen strokes augmenting historical ledgers found in Battle's Hudson, NY neighborhood. Also excited by the diaphanous qualities of pen on thin, old paper sheets.
Details - pathways and marks through ruler space.
The color obtains a dye feeling--perpetuated in part by the yellow sheets of paper.

Laura Battle with Elizabeth Hazan work in progress, the studio abutting the gallery. 

Thank you all for a lovely, unusual and reinvigorating experience. 
Cecile Chong outdoes herself in_other Nature at Smack Mellon. Gallery Link
The install is rambunctious, glorious, abundant. Black light spills over paint applied to large plant forms mounted on chain link fencing. Swaddled 'guagua' forms emblematize innocent consciousness before nature is divided by claim. 

Back side; projected on the back wall lapping waves of water in black and white.

In the front space, Julia Oldham and Chad Stayrook take over a post-acopocolyptic landscape voiced over by Oldham's AI avatar. Gallery Link
Espied through the laboratory of working parts, the presentation that guides us through the space.
Beyond a life-size cardboard tractor, the avatar materializes.
Takes shape as a talking head and begins spinning the vision so well elucidated in form.
Main Windows in Dumbo presents Etty Yaniv with an ambitious installation. Gallery Link
A trompe l'oeil mis-en-scene writ large and glorious.
Close to: every texture has image, a life cycle both trash and landscape.
Gabrielle Evertz at Minus Space in Exaltation.Gallery Link
The painter, a renowned color expert who taught at Hunter College for 28 years, is a new discovery to me but clearly not others. Her meticulously painted canvases feature unusual palettes that hum with resonance to landscape.

Within these linear shapes worlds exist, both urban and wintry and spring-like gardens.

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