Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday LES 9/23/12

Polly Shindler, really exciting painter, shown next to Kathy Bradford in Agrro Crag at Bosi Contemporary

A closeup, lots missed due to iPhone quality-deep greens mixed into the rich textural blacks

Amy Feldman, shown with Joyce Pensato - whoever curated this made some wonderful associations!

Polly Schindler with gold leaf: YES! Also relates to what I am doing in the studio but in a completely different way.

Russel Tyler - what a free hand, makes it look easy. Love the white veils on black.

Polly Shindler.

Jim Wright, from 'Shift' at Lesley Heller

The paintings almost look like candy--they are obsessive, weird, nearly awful, but not: they are totally interesting.

Drew Shiflett, Lesley Heller front room

A gorgeous, smaller, light Shiflett drawing

Larger more epic Drew Shiflett

It's nest building, or hut construction...weaving, marking, interlocking materials and planes

Textured on the back as well. She makes sculpture, outdoor and wall works.

Gary Petersen, across the street at Valerie Mackenzie's beautiful new digs

Rob de Oude, in Mackenzie's Line and Plane (larger work in front; this strange, woven one with muted palette is beautiful)

Richard Roth, one of three very deep wall works

Maureen McQuillian, a paper work--or rather marker and glue on bookbinding tissue--a rich, worked surface not like Drew Shiflett's but there is a correspondence in the methodology.

At Feature: Josh Podoll - these are gorgeous paintings

Especially this: he knows when to leave it alone.

Facing across Podell's work, Gina Magid's--strong, passionate, marking the surface. 

There is more, much more--the Verizon connection is horrible, so it's taking an hour or more to upload each entry. Therefore, to be continued...More Gina Magid, plus Jen Mazza, Doreen McCarthy, Matthew Miller and a Judy Linn. Shows I didn't photograph include Sandi Slone, whose poured oil paintings reminded me in their facture, if I can use that word, of Frank Bowling seen at the Seven Art Fair December 2011 in Miami  and currently at the Tate.

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