Sunday, September 23, 2012

LES Sunday 9/23/12 Part I/II

Matthew Miller at Pocket Utopia, 191 Henry St. LES

The drawings transcribe painted self-portraits: portraiture filtered through painting

Firm and soft edges

The original, the twice-removed portrait (transcribed from a painting)

Gina Magid at Feature (continuing from end of next post)

She has a beautiful, raw immediate touch, and makes great reversals

Here is one--atmosphere and volume reverse density

Doubling of candlesticks and hands: lighter and denser

Judy Linn: street view on street, fresh and beautiful

Even the sidewalk looks good: was this signed?!

Mary Weatherford's New York paintings--about when she lived here in the 1990s

They are painted on heavy linen, almost a jute: denser than you'd think

A real beauty; splashier than most


Doreen McCarthy and Ivelesse Jiminez at Cuchifritos

Jiminez - love the top left turn into space

McCarthy: smaller, lighter works

McCarthy looking the best I've ever seen: delicately notched openings for each piece to interlock and cast shadows  
There is more to post, including Valerie Hagarty at Beauchene and Jen Mazza at Stoyanov. There is also Jason Andrew's To Be A Lady opening Monday, 9/24/12, at 1258 Avenue of the Americas (between 51st and 52nd Streets). Do-able to see Matthew Miller's uptown show at CG Boener,  23 E 73rd beforehand. My eye and thinking about painting is galvanized and I'm inspired to return to the studio. 

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Katherine LeFave said...

Elisabeth, I love the Mary Weatherford pieces-I could go swimming in them or better yet, through them. I especially love the Chinatown piece, and the one you coined "Weirder". Great works on here, as always.