Monday, September 24, 2012

LES Sunday Followup Part III

Valerie Hegarty at Beauchene

From close to, mixing shredded paintings with fake flowers, plaster, etc.

This reminds me of Susan J. Navarette's book on late Victorian literature and its fear of the unknown: it's really crazy. There's paint drops on the floor too but they look too much like paint, still...

Jen Mazza: The Words at Stephan Stoyanov. I loved these paintings!

Not only is she interested in 20th century existentialism, she paints every word.

Even Utrillo reproductions! Her research is thorough as is her technique. We remember the books fondly while enjoying the paintings for their own sake. They are lovingly painted.
Laura Newman, whose exhibition at Jen Beckman on Spring Street is featured on Anaba's blog, linked lower right, opened several weeks ago; I saw it but did not photograph it. Please go to Anaba to check it out.

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