Monday, September 24, 2012

To Be A Lady

To Be A Lady opens tonight!! I am honored to participate in Jason Andrew's exhibition, filled with many great artists. The exhibition stays open through half of January 2013 to be viewed again and again.

I've long thought of a post about art world dynamos such as Deborah Brown, Martin Bromirski, Sharon Butler, Austin Thomas and countless others. Jason Andrew leads the way with consistently excellent programming and enormous breadth in all aspects of the creative arts.

Night of the opening: Look at Lee Bontecou!

Edith Schloss, new to me: she moved to Italy early on. A light, insouciant painting

Mary Judge, Elisabeth Condon, Lindsay Walt - to the left a video by Julia K. Gleich, the choreographer. The racing track in the video links to the stripes in my painting in a really pleasing way.

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