Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Aqua and Art Asia Miami Art Fairs

Troy Richards at Thomas Robertello of Chicago at AQUA

Small, slightly crazy paintings that emphasize facture and mark

A lively trio, with a beauty on the left. Sometimes you just want to put paint down. Troy Richards has figured out a way to do so, in the unpredictable vein of painters such as Jered Sprecher.

New Orleans artist Robert Lansden at Robert Henry Contemporary at AQUA.
The gallery is located in the 56 Bogart Building, Bushwick.

Sharon Lawless viewed slightly crooked at Robert Henry Contemporary. I like her elegant collages.

ART ASIA - Mao Lizi's pour paintings in the classic Chinese po'mo' ('splashed ink') method.

Two beauties at Ethan Cohen Fine Art: Qin Feng's tondo, 78 inches diameter

Qing Fen at Ethan Cohen Fine Art at ART ASIA.

Japanese artist Noriko Kurafuji: a little like watching smoke, or light pass through trees

Na Young Lee's Chinese landscape idioms at Seoul Contemporary

Lin Li at Ethan Cohen Fine Art. Li loves Liu Xiaodong's social realism and Lucien Freud's portraits.
He paints themes of Chinese and US life (

Also at Cohen, Kim Il Soon.

Strange glazed fields of rocks, like other planets. I did not get the artist's name.

A beautiful painting by (Lee Seuhyang?) So elegant and simple.
Photographed the label, but not close enough to read the name. Have seen his or her work in New York before.

Li Jin, "Artist of Gourmet," at Beijing's Today Museum: ink wash painter.

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Troy Richards said...

Hello Ms. Condon,

Thank you for coming to see my show at Thomas Robertello and for including me in your blog. I appreciate the kind words about the art and hope to sometime have the opportunity to meet you and discuss the work more thoroughly. Please keep me posted on your work and any upcoming exhibitions.