Thursday, December 06, 2012

Scenes from Miami: UNTITLED, Miami Projects, Art Miami

Ian Hughes at Jaeckel, UNTITLED

Hughes' large, wormy gesture/pours, edited by color surround. Easy pop paintings, open and inviting.

Joshua Marsh at Jeff Bailey--a knockout--small easel-size painting

Joshua Marsh--gorgeous color, brush handling. These are the best paintings yet.

Valery Blass at Parisian Laundry, with Rick Leong sculpture

Amy Feldman, Rachel Beach, Justin Adlan at Blackston

Dominique Labauvie at Bleu Acier (French term for hot steel)

Labauvie-line drawinbg with steel. He also made the gorgeous tables.

Larissa Bates at Monya Rowe--her love of Indian miniature continues. I was sorry to not have photographed two more great UNTITLED exhibits: Franklin Evans and Eric den Breejen (at DNA, which also has a booth at Miami Project with David Baskin).

A simply knockout wall of Monique Prieto at ACME booth @ Miami Projects.

Tadaaki Kuwayama, two paintings from 1965: fresh as a daisy

David Humphrey at Fredricks Freiser, 2012 - a beauty

At Michael Goedhius' booth, Art Miami-You Si, The Wave In The Outer Space, 2009 (70 x 49, ink on paper)

Also at Goedhius, Yao Jwi-Chung, Love Me Little, Love Me Long, 2011

Xhang Zhaouhui, Mountain and Water Series, 2011, 69 x 38.5 - gorgeous brushwork

A perfect way to end the evening: a Matisse-like Wesselman at Haunch of Venison.

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