Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gramercy Park Abstraction Confab

John Zinsser at Flight From Nature: The Abstract As Ideal.
I was taken with the metallic surfaces and wondered if the staples on the side were part of the work. Decided not.

Andrea Belag--I am noticing these paintings a lot lately--they are so free

Molly Herman. Small, very rich paintings.

Margrit Lewczuk. Hard to beat the exuberance factor in this work.

Detail, Lewczuk. Stenciling, free-hand marking, and eye-popping color.

Loose brushing. I loved this painting.

Bill Jensen, jewel color space.

Ben Pritchard.

Lewczuk's buoyantly painted cathedral floor.

The neighborhood's rich history--next door to 15 Gramercy, Robert Henri's studio

Fran O'Neill -the sense of real abandon in this painting

O'Neill again. Both 2013.

Molly Herman. 
There are many others in the show: Paul D'Agostino, Catherine Howe, Stephen Westfall, Riad Miah. This blog has good images from the show:
And the above blog, plus links to some of the artists, can be found on Painter's Table:
Painter's Table

Raggedy Ann's Foot will take a summer vacation. Happy Summer, everyone!

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