Sunday, May 26, 2013

Out and About on the LES

Kylie Heidenheimer's new paintings show her shift from acrylic to oil, with incredible color.

Lattice work frames the edges in compelling ways.

This work will be exhibited at Galerie Gris in Hudson, NY starting June 1. The opening reception is June 8. Can't wait to see it June 10th--first chance I have to go. Apparently in Hudson, galleries stay open at the start of the week and close Tuesday/Wednesday.

Small Heidenheimers. There is something about them that reminds me of Guston in the Rome drawings.

A painting high on the wall - look at that vellatura

Detail from first painting at top, seen from close to.

Amanda Browder's Prism/Livin/Room at Allegra La Viola

A hybrid living room-gallery space. This looks like an old TV, large-scale.

Behind the scene...

Browder held a sewing workshop in the back for participants. She "seeks to open the gallery up to non-traditional audiences;" this is an inviting way to do it.
Don Voisine at Valerie McKenzie. The work is, paraphrasing Roberta Smith's 5/23/13 review, a "highly synthetic brand of abstraction" that melds modernist sources with a "meticulous exploration of the mechanics of painting."

Voisine speaks on his work Sunday June 2 at 4.30 PM at McKenzie.

"The Thrill of the Ideal" at Pocket Utopia.

It is a real joy to observe these compositions.

Johann Christian Reinhart, 1671-1847, Bavaria

The works were curated by Richard Tuttle for this show. There is a catalog.

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