Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New York Interlude Part II: Endless Summer at Brian Morris with one Lauren Luloff from last post tacked on

Liz Markus--I am taken with her light touch, transparent washes, brilliant color and use of glitter. Added: I keep forgetting that painter GARY PETERSEN curated this show--and a fine job he did.

Mathew Fisher--weird paintings in hard-to-photograph locations--a strange, Japanese-screen-or-woodcut-like stillness within natural forms. He was in a three-person show at Heskin some years ago.

Gregory Botts - reminds me a little of Richard Bosman in his graphic, straight-up approach that gives way to the painterly

More Liz Markus

Amanda Church, dense, flat surface and pinstriped form

Elisabeth Kley - fanciful glazes on sun-like forms

Erik den Breejen

Osamu Kobayashi

It's so simple, I wanted to hate it, but couldn't.

Judith Linhares, Drink, 2012

Bay-area inflected brush handling...popping bright flat color against neutrals.

Lauren Luloff from Summer Session, imported from last post.

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