Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Before the Next Slide Show: New York Interlude Part I: Summer Session + Mary Corse, LES

Beautiful rainy late afternoon on the LES (August 9th)--the whole street looked green

Susanna Coffey at Summer Session, Steven Harvey Fine Arts Projects

Color in its infinite gradations moving across the plane, building form

Gideon Bok's Electric Landlady from 2007

Bravura with linseed - slithery slapping brushstrokes

Figures assemble from marks and swipes

Lauren Luloff, detail - playfulness into beauty

Sagram Majumdar - shades of Euan Uglow

Gandie Brodie - picking up the neutral tones and textures in Coffey's portrait

Darker, more swiped

Lester Johnson with intruding reflection--such satisfying scale, abandoned touch--in a good way

Katherine Bradford, a tableau of marks that become space

Anne Harvey, a lovely, limpid cross between '80s Jennifer Bartlett and Milton Avery

At Lehman Maupin, 201 Chrystie, Mary Corse

As a student at UCLA I visited her Topanga Cyn., CA studio...and never forgot her use of reflective paint (glass microspheres in acrylic)

These still excite me. There were a lot of striped paintings in the '70s but these stand out.

Their scale, material and subtlety are beautiful.

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