Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Travel Slide Show I: Grand Canyon, South Rim Artist Residency

Trail of Time, where each step represents millions of years in rock formations

Indian Gardens, an oasis 4.5 miles in to the Bright Angel Trail. It has a small lending library!

Iron oxide rocks, limestone cliffs behind.

Desert View Sunday: Colorado River looking green. Layers of geological time: the diagonal stripes in the background form a Supergroup of layers that occur in the Great Uncomformity, which is a major time lapse within the upward and downward shifting of sediment and liquid as the landscape morphs from swamp to beach to dune, though I've heard it said that the Supergroup itself constitutes the Great Uncomformity.

Desert View Monday

Overlook en route to Desert View

View from the studio above Verkamps Visitor Center

Hermits Rest, a mile or so down the trail

Monsoon coming: the rooftop porch
As a child, I was often recruited to my grandparents' to watch slide shows of their various travels, which were formally presented, after dinner, on a Kodak projection screen from a collection of shiny, black Kodak carousels. Unsated curiosity about their motivations in boating or flying to Honolulu, Bankok, Paris, and many other places around the world is layered with the desire to join the collective desire to share images via social media.

Thus the first "Travel Slide Show" in honor of the early childhood slide shows, documenting the Grand Canyon and Wupatki National Monument, where I spent June and July as Artist in Residence.

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