Thursday, November 07, 2013

F Train East Broadway: 3 more on the LES

Emily Noelle Lambert at Lu Magnus. Gallery images and bio here.

Works on paper from 2007-13, adopting the logic of the curio shelf--domestic arrangements.

The palette is luminescent, the components improvisation. Lambert mines old student drawings, handmade paper scraps, old sketchbooks to make this work. Having worked this way also, I know not only is the process splendid but the outcomes surprising and exciting.

Space reminiscent of de Chirico: the shelf becomes a landscape of interior organization.

Wall of drawings.


Larger detail

In the office

Painter Robin Bruch at Leslie Fritz. Gallery images and bio here

She's been showing for a long time, since the late 1970s.

Discovering this show was a great surprise. Untitled, 60 x 60 inches.

Loved these drawings by Hildur Asgeirsdottir Jonsson at Pocket Utopia. Link to Pocket Utopia

They are geologies of her native Iceland, which accompany large, woven works.

She has a show concurrently with this one, at the Tang.

The larger, woven piece.

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