Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Meditations on Black and Silver

Lester Johnson, in Dark Paintings at Steven Harvey Fine Arts Projects

In situ

Blue used here, and also Ad Reinhardt's Black Paintings at Gagosian and the Wool retrospective uptown...

Lester Johnson: a small portrait in the back room

Christopher Wool at the Guggenheim: DETAIL of the paintings that used incised, decorative rollers for cheap decor.

The text works

Some of the work conjured Donald Baechler's collage drawings
The stammering quality of the black letters, created by white-outs, remains powerful

To edit, and go back, and layer, creates a dense surface that speaks of the compulsion to review one's actions
Palimpsests and echoes of previous attempts

The gestures are printed and painted on again, creating a synthetic feeling
So that the gesture is both photographic and real.

Doorway, Chrystie St.

A mysterious sign at 57 Orchard beckoned on a chilly night

Psyche, it read.

By Lucas Zallman for the exhibition Comfort Zones, curated by Wills Baker in a popup space. The work shown here, from the checklist, is part of the psychic refrigerator series upstairs, "Rewrite with German Silver," 2013. 

Situated in an artist's loft, Zallman's presence is recorded by a working table and large-scale, automatic writing/work on paper. Image from checklist.

Zallman spent several months in New York preparing sculpture and works on paper. Here, "Tension and Relief," 2013.

Made with the aforementioned German silver in a new version of silverpoint: "Harmonic Reaction: Negative," 2013.

View of the first floor.
And in Chelsea, Sharon Louden's front room installation in the exhibition "Community" at Morgan Lehman, which extrapolates colors from, and reflects, a video and wall works that surround it. For sumptuous images, click here: Morgan Lehman Gallery Website

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