Friday, May 02, 2014

Brooklyn Runabout: Stephen Maine at 490 Atlantic Avenue

A page from a large book, which includes foldout works, single page works, as many varieties as you can imagine.

Fresh, clear color in surprising overlays, even blooms on the margins

The book page, seen in context (on Painting Critical, Maine speaks about working manically on these books)

Surprising, simultaneous contrast...the thinnest wash (or what resembles a wash--these are sprayed) of blue, with stamped ("cave man printed") orange on top

It's a good time to see these paintings, with Polke's hand-painted Rasterbilder at MoMA at hand an alternative way of working.

Canvas stretched over panel, sprayed first coat, stamping follows.

Pickup shot of the two paintings with the wash-like first layers, followed by the stamped top layer.

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