Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe at MAD

A beautiful Sheila Pepe, more vivid IRL in Tabernacles for Trying Times at MAD .
This is a wonderful, even intimate show, documenting the life, times, and travels of a duo comprised of two experienced artists working together in various places and, we can say, historical epochs, as time moves as fast as an on-switch.
Three ink and gouache images from Opera Buffo, a series of 26 drawings on view made at Civatella Raineri in 2019. Really great to see the thinking behind color and shape so directly in another medium.

Sheila Pepe, American Bardo 2.0, repurposed parts from a Chinese table to create a kneeler for bodies to enter the suspended space and transitional time of prayer and spirituality. 

Created on the Joan Mitchell Foundation residency, a playful printed sculpture that, like Opera Boffo, gives insight into how both artists' thinking intersects.

Opera Buffo to left of a forest-like environment, with perches.

Carrie Moyer's large translucent pour painting.

A Moyer created expressly for this show, combining impressions of Italy. Her recent exhibition Analog Time continues the fusion of recognizable and abstract landscape elements.

Who knew this painting derived from a ceramic work that Moyer loves? It was included in the exhibition, but I did not photograph.

Open seating area beneath hanging fabric shapes.

Just This Corner, for 2020, 2021--paracord, yarn, rope. Pepe and Moyer approach abstraction as inclusive, embracing alternative or overlooked materials and populations in their installation.

Some collaborative works

An early Moyer from her Canonical exhibition in 2011. Following her work through the years, the growth and expansion of her language comes clear.


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