Monday, September 13, 2021

Yuskavage/Nozknowski: The New Classics

                                Lisa Yuskavage, New Paintings, through October 23rd. Gallery Link

A lot of play in these images unseen by iPhone. A gun replaces the non-mouths of Bad Girls from the 1990s.

Detail from the big red painting in the back room

Treating cords like strands of hair

Scroll down to see the small study of this painting

As well as this one

Full view of red painting in back. The slicing of space by screen-like backlighting is a new development in the work

For many  years, perhaps forever, Yuskavage works up small studies in larger compositions. These studies have an informal sense about them and a looseness in the paint that is compelling, as is the color.

Another small study. 

At Pace, the late, and great, Thomas Nozkowski's The Last Paintings

These paintings contain Nozkowski's language but don't take the final step in squeezing the image full pitch. The paintings don't suffer for it.

Deliciously weird nests of lines

A sense of release, simplification


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